The 39-45 Living History Society

39-45 Society

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A Re-enacting Community

our journey together

We at the 39-45 Society look to educate and inform the public in an inclusive and friendly manner with displays of equipment and uniforms from the 1939-1945 conflict.  We welcome interaction and conversation with people from all walks of life.

The "39-45 Living History Society" or "39-45 Society" neither condone nor promote national socialism, white supremacy or any hate be it by race, gender, religion, sexual orientation or any other form in any way.

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Allies Re-enacting

We have several Allies groups under our banner, from Paratroops to Engineers and Infantry.  British, Commonwealth and United States are all represented.

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Axis Re-enacting.

The Axis re-enactors are no less represented with Falschrimjager, Gebirgsjager and Infantry groups all contributing

Join Us

The groups are always looking for new recruits.  Be you a seasoned re-enactor or a someone wishing to start a new and exciting hobby.  Please contact us and I'm sure we have a group that you can fit onto.

Please note - We are a long established society comprising of many different groups.  We are not an umbrella society for individuals, we only accept people who are willing to join one of our groups and be an active contributor