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The US 2nd Infantry

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The US 2nd Infantry, 39-45 Society, was formed in 2011. Since then the unit has maintained a core group and has gone from strength to strength. As a unit we strive to portray elements of the US Army's 2nd Infantry Divisions, 9th Regiment, Able Company in as accurate a manner as possible.


Our static displays are often based around events that we know Able Company went through during the war, achieved through extensive research and communication with surviving veterans.


The unit has an arsenal with multiple firing weapons, a Dodge Weapons Carrier, Jeeps, a large encampment and a vast array of knowledge and training. All members are taught in wartime drill and ceremony, combat tactics, the history of the unit and much more.


We can display any event of the Unit from the war, with depictions of:

- The 1940 Louisiana Manoeuvres

- Pre D-Day 1943-44 training

- Battle of Normandy

- Battle of Brest

- Battle of the Bulge

- The push through Germany


We also have a section of American First World War infantry within the group who represent the 2nd Infantry's men during The Great War. We are one of very few groups within the UK with this capability and have a fantastic representation of the Doughboys of this conflict.


Our unit is small, but well equipped, trained and experienced. So if you are interested in joining or you want us at your event, please get in touch through our page:


Second to None!



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