Hello and welcome to the "39-45 Living History Society" website or the "39-45 Society" for short.

We are dedicated to portraying the respective units to the up most quality.

We a friendly group of re-enactors whos members are spread through out the country, so you can be sure there will be someone from the Society near you. Our groups attend all the major Living History Events in the UK.

Some of our groups and personel have won awards for our displays.


We are a UK based society that re-enact battles and recreate the 'Living History' of WW2 for many reasons, not least of which is to give thanks and honour the veterans of all sides. We have within our ranks a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw from. Some of our members have been re-enacting for over a decade. We strive to ensure that the uniforms and equipment we use is either original or of the highest quality. The battles we recreate, with the help of our highly experienced and skilled team of award winning pyrotechnists, can be undertaken completely 'in house' at our own events. We are also proud to be invited to the most prestigious Living History events in the country where our award winning displays can be seen.

Our units have appeared in many television programs including feature length documentries for the BBC, Channel4 and The History Channel etc. We have even been filmed for such diverse items as the 60th D-Day commemorations for BBC Breakfast!
Please contact the Society for further information regarding your supporting actor requirements.


The Group as a whole or sub units within do not in any way support, condone, are influenced by or make any apology to 'White hate' groups or racist groups or factions in anyway shape or form. We are only interested in the participation and promotion of WW2 Re-enacting and Living History including historical education.

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