The 39-45 socitey isnt just one group but many. Here they all are.

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The 85th Gebirgsjager Rgt 5th Div.  
Intelligence Corps.
  Royal Engineers      
The Gebirgsjager are the elite mountain troops of the Werhmach. And are masters of mountain combat The Intelligence Corps. are the brains behind most operations. While they don't fight they are just as important The Nachrichten are the German equvilent of the Royal Signals. They operate the radios for the front line troops. The Royal Engineers are the people who build, fix and demolish the various structures used by the millitary.    

6th Airborne

The men of the Parachute regements are the very essence of elite. Trained to operate behind enemy lines for weeks without resupply.

Pyrotechnics section (Trinity Pyrotechnics)

Trinity Pyrotechnics Ltd provide firework displays, SFX for film/TV and music videos. Plus a huge number of different battlefield simulation effects. They are based in the Midlands UK, therefore ideally placed to cover the whole nation.

1 Can (Canadian) Para

The Canadian paratroopers are very simmilar to the British paratroopers but instead comming from Canada.


TheFallschirmjäger are German elite light airborne infantry.

They came to be known as the "Green Devils" by the Allied forces.